Our highly qualified multidisciplinary staff consists of mental health and wellness professionals who work together to provide the most effective treatment and wellness training.

Charles "Chaz" Crenshaw, Principle

Mr. Crenshaw is a God driven entrepreneur who is the owner of Delivering H.O.P.E. Human Services, Inc., along with Summit Construction and Environmental Services. 

Wanda Crenshaw

Human Resource Manager

Teresa A. Fulton Davis,

Clinical Director & Program Director

“I am a Social Worker with 25 years of comprehensive clinical experience.  I have a particular expertise working with children and adolescents in community based services. I have extensive training and experience working with a wide range of clients with mental health issues, trauma and sexual dysfunctions. I specialize in working with adolescent and adult sexual offenders.  I have a passion for conducting diagnostic and comprehensive Psychosexual Risk Assessments.  I am Certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Counseling as a Sex Offender Treatment Provider and is currently working to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.”

Catherine Elcock, Office Manager

Meet the Staff

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is a for profit community based agency that was established in 2009 and is privately owned by Charles Crenshaw. H.O.P.E. is an acronym which stands for “Helping Other People Excel.”

We are located on the Southside of Richmond and specialize in Mental Health Skill Building, Intensive In-Home & Community Integration to those in need of services.

Delivering H.O.P.E. Human Services Inc., is a community based agency that embraces the tri-county and communities we serve. We provide quality care to children and adults who are at risk of an out-of-home placement. Delivering H.O.P.E. seeks to empower and strengthen families. We recognize the strengths and goals of individuals and families while encouraging them to maintain independence and develop their activities of daily living.