You more than just an employee at Delivering H.O.P.E.,

you’re considered family...

Delivering H.O.P.E. attempt to attract and keep qualified, upmost ethical, engaged and loyal employees.   A great way that we have retained staff and nurtured employee skills is to offer comparable wages and salaries.  At Delivering H.O.P.E., we consistently do the right thing while actively promoting the best clinical practices and fostering professional developmental activities.

Our supervisors and workplace leaders serve as role models to employees in the workplace. We take an active role in your own professional development activities and let staff know of the opportunities to further their careers.  We offer monthly trainings.  On-the-job training is a traditional and an effective method of encouraging professional development at H.O.P.E.

We provide Cross-Training Work Assignments. Cross-training engages our employees and shows them that we value their work enough to give them other opportunities. Once our employees master the tasks required in a role, we offer opportunities to learn skills of complementary positions in the form of PROMOTIONS.

Our employees are provided consistent coaching and development.  We create a customized development plan with each employee to support professional development during performance planning. Staff members and supervisors work together to identify suitable opportunities and a timeline for completion. We schedule regular coaching, weekly supervision and mentoring sessions to discuss progress and allow employees to ask questions.

All of the staff possess a proverbial PHD

which stands for

Passion, Heart and Desire to Deliver H.O.P..E

which is an acronym for

Helping Other People Excel within the communities we serve.

We are hiring Qualified Mental Health Providers. If you desire employment as a Community Based Counselor, please submit your resume to the following:


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