Delivering H.O.P.E. Human Services, Inc., embraces the communities we serve.  We are dedicated to providing quality care to children and adults at risk of an out-of-home placement.  Delivering H.O.P.E. seeks to empower and strengthen families and ensure children, adolescents, and adults remain in their homes.  We recognize the strengths and goals of individuals and families, while encouraging them to maintain their independence and develop their activities of daily living.  

We call it Delivering H.O.P.E!

  1. Provide ethical, professional, and highly trained staff who are passionate about making a difference

  2. 24 hour Crisis Intervention

  3. Collaborative Decisions about your Individualized Service Plan (ISP)

  4. Comprehensive Assessment for Appropriate Level of Care

  5. Connection to Community Resources


  1. Intensive In-Home Services

Children and adolescents aged 5 and older with Medicaid Insurance and demonstrate a clinical necessity arising from a condition due to a mental, behavioral, or emotional illness that results in significant functional impairments in major life activities and present a risk for removal from their home.

  1. Mental Health Skill Building Service

Adults and older adolescents with immediate plans for independent living who are Medicaid recipients and are diagnosed with a serious mental illness or suffer from a dual diagnosis.

Treatment Modalities

  1. Cultural Competency and Sensitivity

  2. Cognitive Intervention Strategies

  3. Evidenced Based and Multi-Systemic Approaches

Our Program

Delivering H.O.P.E. Human Services Inc.,

..... is a professional mental health and behavioral health counseling corporation in Richmond Virginia. We provide a fully integrated continuum of therapeutic services designed to empower individuals, couples and families to resolve their life issues and challenges.

Passion, Heart, & Desire to keep families together!

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